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The Documents section contains pages on various issues, mainly of technical nature. Consult the short descriptions below to find if there’s something of interest to you.

chroot SSH

Using SSH in a chroot environment explains how to set up OpenSSH in a change root environment which sounds more trivial as it indeed is. The document covers OpenSSH versions 2.5.2 to 4.2.

A German version – SSH in einer change root Umgebung benutzen – is also available.


SSH Gateway

SSH Gateway is about accessing files via SSH on a server that is not directly accessible but only via a gateway. Shell access and file transfer are explained there as well as using Emacs/Tramp for remote file editing and creating tunnels for other services.


Git and Ediff

Git and Ediff describes how to use Emacs Ediff with Git, namely how to make Git launch Ediff upon invoking git mergetool and git difftool.


Iptables assembles some quick and dirty iptables rules useful to have at hand.


PostgreSQL Tips

Once I tried to explain to a colleague of mine who used to work with other DBMS how to handle auto-increment values and transactions in PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL Tips is the effort I made.

This document ist available in German only.


GnuPG Preferences

Do you know how you set your preferred cipher, hash and compression algorithms with GnuPG? If not the document GnuPG Preferences may help you.

A German version – GnuPG Preferences – is also available.



CVS with SSH shows how to grant access to a CVS repository using SSH Public Key Authentication without giving the CVS users shell access … including a setup for Windows 98 clients (btw: Don’t use Windows 98!).

This document ist available in German only.


Dvorak Keyboard Layout

The page Dvorak Keyboard Layout describes why and how I switched from the QUERTZ keyboard layout to Dvorak. As I used and use the German variant of Dvorak this is probably not very interesting for all of you who do not type German on a regular basis. Those who type English may prefer to have a look at Marcus Brook's site Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard instead.


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